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Our International Team

Kahala’s international team is made up of dedicated individuals that offer world class support in the areas of development, purchasing, operations, marketing, legal and training. The combined team has over 120+ years of Food & Beverage experience working in the USA and overseas.

About Our International Team

Our vision, that “We will be recognized throughout the world as the premier quick-service restaurant concept through our in store experience, retail line, and profitable master franchisees” is our main focus.

At Kahala, we like to rely on the saying, “what others say about us is more important than what we say about ourselves.” In our international development, we like to put a little twist to that old adage by saying, "the strength of our international master franchisees says more about Kahala and our brands than what we can say about it ourselves."

Our current international master franchisees from all over the world will attest to the team’s exceptional talent and willingness to assist in their success.